Little Miss Sunshine Scene Analysis Essay

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A major scene in the film is Dwane’s breakdown, once he learns of his inability to enter the air force due to his colour-blindness. This scene has many interesting features and techniques within it, including many different camera angles, character actions, lighting effects on the movie and the viewer, irony, props, sound, and even hidden messages, along with a variety of themes in relation to the rest of the movie. Little miss sunshine was released in 2006 through 20th century fox, directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, and written by Michael Arndt. The directors and writer would have chosen the actors in the scene for their abilities and what character qualities they could bring to the movie. In this particular scene, each character played a vital part in the process of Dwane’s recovery, although some were more central than others. Dwayne, (Paul Dano) is the victim in the scene, showing large quantities of stress, frustration, and despair in the car and at …show more content…

Dwayne then reacts badly to her comfort and points out the family’s flaws, causing Sheryl to retreat back to talk with the family again. Olive, (Abigail Breslin) is utilized in this scene to act in the supportive little sister role, easily conveyed to the viewer by her young and sweet nature, also being the only person bar Olive that Dwayne did not point out negatively as he insulted the family, helping Dwayne to calm down and realise that family comes first. The other characters, Richard (Greg Kinnear), and Frank (Steve Carrell) are the father and uncle in the scene, but they have a less important role. They are only present in the family conversation at the top of the hill, and do not contribute much to the scene, besides giving the scene the essence of ‘family values’ in the way of a group discussion about how to help

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