Symbolism In To The Bone

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This week I watched the Netflix original movie To the Bone. I was first drawn into this movie when looking through the Netflix originals list; when I saw the trailer.The trailer fascinated and captivated me, leading me to watch the movie. The movie follows a young women, named Ellen, on her journey seeking treatment for anorexia nervosa. The movie shows her struggle with thoughts of inadequacy, isolation, along with many other struggles as she struggles with her illness. Overall, minus a few hiccups, I greatly enjoyed this movie. The three aspects that most grabbed my attention becoming the sources of my enjoyment were character portrayal, the symbolism used in almost every scene, and connections to my own life experiences. I have always been a great supporter of the idea that characters are what makes a film great, for they are the basis of any narrative and prove to be one of the most …show more content…

Symbolism, as used in this movie, added a large amount of depth to the movie and individual scenes. The most prominent example of this can be seen with the depiction of Ellen. Throughout the movie the costuming and makeup used by Lily Collins in her portrayal of Ellen reflects the status of Ellen’s mental and physical health. In many scenes where Ellen creates strong relationships, she is dressed in bright clothes and has makeup that brings out her features making her look more attractive. Contrary though, in scenes where Ellen takes a step back her clothes become drab and layered. The makeup used in these scenes add dark circles to Ellen’s eyes and make Ellen’s face look more angular or thin. This detail is also extended to other characters and even set design with particular locations being used for positive or negative events based on their design. These details as they are used, greatly increase the emotions and realistic tone the movie tries to

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