The Farming Of Bones Water Symbolism

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Spiritually, water is equated with healing and energy. The energy from water can be good or bad depending on the outlook a person has on it, and the idea of using water to heal dates back hundreds of years ago. In the Farming of Bones, Edwidge Danticat uses water as a significant literary device to emphasize the idea of hurting and healing, demonstrating the effects based on certain experiences. Throughout the novel Amabelle’s perception of water changes continuously as she faces new experiences. Her feeling on water also depends whether she is dwelling or grieving a death, or accepting a new life. The theme of water presents itself often during Amabelle’s journey, progressing and representing many complex emotions and thoughts.
Amabelle’s conception of water is concrete at the beginning of the novel. She believes that it means nothing but …show more content…

She has been able to give herself time to heal from her physical and emotional trauma, and begins to rethink her belief. Amabelle is dropped off by the driver, and she begins to walk along the river bed. Here she believes that “..the river ceases to exist, allowing you to imagine just for a moment that all of them died natural deaths… the kind of death where there is time to think of what we are leaving behind and what better things lie ahead.” (Danticat 308) This quote showcases how Amabelle has realized that death is natural and can be peaceful. The conclusion she comes to helps her to look forward into the future without dwelling on the past. Even though Sebastein “... stayed inside the waterfall”, (Danticat 306) she knew that he was alright based on the healing that she had done in order to not be afraid. Amabelle also is able to come to this realization while being near water, indicating that she is no longer fearful. She is able to be somewhere that has caused her so much anguish and grief, and is accepting her past and pressing

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