Even The Rain Analysis

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In the movie, Even the Rain, I was very furious the whole entire time. I am from a first world country. I have never struggled my entire life. I live in a 3,000 square foot home with my father, dog, and brother. We have hoses, showers, sinks, a well, sprinklers, and many other items at my house that produce water. I have never had my electricity shut off or never starved. This is because not only does my father own a pizza shop, it is because I live in the United States of America. The movie, Even the Rain, made me realize, people do not care about others, unless they are being affected by the same problem as the person next to them.
I forget how privileged I am a lot, based on where I live. The film takes place in Bolivia, the poorest country in South Africa. Costa, the films executive producer picked it because of how cheap it is. Costa pays the actors two dollars a day. This …show more content…

She is claiming it will be big news. Costa objects. This did not surprise me at all, not only because Costa only cared about himself, but he probably did not think of this issue as a big deal. He will never have to deal with one of the three basic necessities in his life all of a sudden being taken away. He later in the film bribes Daniel, the main character, who is an avid part in the protest against the Bolivian Government, who is trying to take his water away from him. Costa only bribes him because he needs Daniel for the movie, and is trying to get him to stop protesting because he does not want Daniel getting hurt because he is a main part in the film. He does not do it out of care for Daniel, it is just for the movie. He never once expressed his concern over the water crisis until the near end of the movie. But this part of the movie bothered me because Costa once again did not understand, he for one minute did not put himself into their

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