One Survivor Remembers Essay

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One Survivor Remembers Discussion Questions
1. The scenes and images that were most powerful to me were the first scene and the last scenes. The first scene showed the aftermath of the death marches, and all of the bodies of the women who lost their lives. The last scenes featured the women after the Nazis abandoned them and them on the march itself. These scenes were very powerful because they made me think about the horrors those women had to endure. These scenes also, really showed the carnage of the Holocaust. The lessons and messages these scenes offer are that we must never let anything like that happen ever again, and that like Gerda we must never give and be determined survive no matter what.
2. The Nazis dehumanized Jews in several
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The things in my life that I think I would fantasize of about if everything were taken away from me would be my family, friends, playing soccer, and learning or studying in school. I think I take my access to fresh water, food, electronic devices, and school for granted. This is because I don’t think about how other people don’t have these things and how it would be If I didn’t have these things.
4. Ways that I see persecution happening in today’s world are when people are discriminatory against gays and lesbians, and I see racial profiling of muslims. ISIS, an extremist group, is persecuting several groups of people as well. I think people need to realize that what they are doing is bad and that it should not be socially accepted to persecute a group of people. If more people are educated about the groups of people being targeted then they will realize that they don’t deserve to be persecuted.
5. I think the heroes of this film are Gerda and all of the many people who helped her. They made me hopeful because they show that there are good people willing to help others in need even in the worst of times. I think I can follow in their footsteps and try to help people in need and stop the persecution of groups of
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