Figurative Language In Yarrott Benz's The Bone Bridge

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While I was waiting for the writing series event to begin, and for the author to speak, I realized I had never attended such an event as this before. As an adamant lover of writing, and reading, I have never heard an author read his or her own work aloud in person. I have seen videos online of the such, but I never witnessed it in person. I had enjoyed the experience of hearing the author Yarrott Benz share something so important to him and something which he worked hard on. I have never heard an author talk about his process or the difficulties of writing his or work either. Attending this event cleared my ignorance. Non-fiction author and memoirist, Yarrott Benz, spoke with passion about his work, The Bone Bridge, which is a story that he said he believed no one would be able to relate to. At the event, I was drawn to the themes, figurative language, style of writing- the memoir- Benz spoke of and about. At the end of his presentation, he also supplied tips for writing in the genre and he mentions he will be writing the novel …show more content…

Through these themes, people of varying life situations are able to connect with his book. At the time he was struggling with his sexuality, being gay was no where near as accepted as it is today. However, feelings of alienation are still common today, whether is is because of sexuality, race, gender, ethnicity, or it is being the weird kid in school who is bullied. Secondly, there is the theme of family illness and the losing/loss of a loved one. Personally I have not dealt yet with the illness of a loved one or relative, definately not at such a young age as he, but one day I will. We all do. It is an inevitable part of life. He writes eloquently, yet bare in the sense that it is full of emotion and it is not covered or hidden away- he is honest. His writing is concise and allows one to connect to the humanity, which is present in due to the prior

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