My Father Francisco Book Report

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The book is about a boy named Francisco and his family are immigrants from Mexico. The family comes to the United States to work to support the family. The family is poor so they have to send Francisco, his older brother Roberto, and Papa to work. While Francisco and Roberto have to go to school. One day the family gets sent back to Mexico but Francisco and Roberto stay for school. The name of the main character is Francisco Jimenez his nickname is Pancito. Francisco lived in Santa Maria with his family. Francisco’s main goal is to graduate high school and to go to college. Francisco achieve his goal by getting a scholarship to go to college, and Papa went to go see Francisco graduate high school. The character name is Papa and he is the father of Francisco Jimenez. Papa’s problem is he is always negative. Papa is working against Francisco because he is doing all this work and papa doesn’t like when Francisco does …show more content…

The book is in the past which is in 1940s. The place is in Mexico and the family does not have a lot to deal with and when they went to the United States they were struggling. The family were going through even more struggle when Roberto left when he got married. The theme of the book is telling about Francisco’s life and what he went through. The message in the book is to be great for what you have because they are other people who have less than you. If you see someone struggling with something just try to help out. Also try to be kind to others because you don’t know what they are going through. What I liked about the book is when Papa came to Francisco graduation. The part of the book that i didn’t like is when Papa didn’t go to most of Francisco’s graduation’s. I would recommend this book to a friend because it tells you about how to appreciate what you have and never complain, they are other people that are struggling because they don’t have what you

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