The Industrial Revolution In A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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The industrial revolution woke up the sense of humanity in people, yet at the same time It turned it off. To begin with, from the year 1819 through 1901, Great Britain was beginning to face an all new era called the Victorian Era. In fact, this era was named like that, because of queen Victoria. Also, this era was very important because it introduced medical advances, scientific knowledge, and technological knowledge that helped increase work efficiency. However, not all the things that occurred were great. One of the things that were very outrageous, were the working conditions of the employees. As a matter of fact, there were writers, like Charles Dickens with “A Christmas Carol”, Benjamin Disraeli with “Sybil”, and Elizabeth Gaskell with …show more content…

For Instance, one of his best novel was “A Christmas Carol”, which was written in a third person narrator, also he explains with precision why the industrial revolution turned off the sense of humanity of some people in Great Britain. Dickens, was one of the authors that were affected by the industrial revolution in good way, because this event helped him as an inspiration to his work and helped him think about his moral values. He used this period in his novel to recreate and portrait the attitude of rich people towards others with necessities. So his goal was to make others think about their moral values again. To take case in point, this novel is about a man called Ebenezer Scrooge, that was a selfish and self-centered person. He owned a business with Jacob Marley and then Marley died. He was always angry and didn't bond with his family members. Indeed, Fred; his nephew, invited him to a Christmas dinner and he refused as a result. By saying he hates Christmas, because he thought it did not mean anything except for a waste of money. Another way, you can affirm that he was selfish could be when he refused to give any kind of money to help provide food for the poor. Then, he went to his house and he received a visit from three different ghosts. One of the ghosts was from the past. The second was from the present. The third was from the future. Their purpose was to change Scrooge attitude of being selfish and not helping others with necessities. Then he realizes that he was not going to stay with his money when he die. At the end, he helped his employee with a monetary situation. Further, he went to his nephew’s Christmas dinner. Significantly, this novel helps people retrain the meaning of being humble and kind with others. Something that is very important about this novel is that it teaches a lesson of helping others, because you are not going to stay with your money when you die.

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