Examples Of The Industrial Revolution In A Christmas Carol

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The movie “A Christmas Carol” (1984 film) has many comparisons towards the Industrial Revolution. For example, it connects economically and socially. From the beginning of the movie the social status of everyone was an urban lifestyles. An example from the textbook, “A History of Western Society”, “... Britain had to pioneer not only in the industrial technology but also in social relations and urban living”(pg.726). The transportation used during these times was, “ Overland shipment of freight, relying solely on horsepower”(pg. 732). During the Industrial Revolution there was an expansion in economic systems in production. The expansion consisted factories, shops. farms, and privately owned businesses. In comparison with the movie and the textbook the most popular types of businesses was banking and cloth. …show more content…

When he became a young man his father said, “ he was ready to work for Mr.Fezziwig. This relates to the Industrial Revolution, “ Apprenticed as young as five or six years of age, boy and girls workers were forced by law to labor for their “masters”for as many as fourteen years. Housed, fed, and locked up nightly in factory dormitories, the young workers received little or no pay”(pg. 729). After Scrooge began to work for Mr.Fezziwig he fell in love with Ms.Bell. As he was trying to conquer his wish of making his fortune and the pressure of business he would be late to meet with Ms.Bell. By this time Scrooge had shown that money was more important. In relation to the textbook there was a statement made, “ Dragged on by the frenzy of this terrible life, “ according to one of the dismayed critics, the struggling manufacturer had “no time for niceties. He must

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