The Social Revolution: The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was an awesome period in history. The entire world was beginning to realize the potential for resources and manufacturing and Britain was in the lead. This revolution truly changed the world, modified society, and uplifted democratic governments across the world. Great Britain and the rest of the world were never truly the same after the greatest revolution in history since the agricultural one, hundreds of thousands of years ago. Revolution is a rapid push for change within government, culture, and society. In this case the industrial revolution was a change in which materials were created obtained. The industrial revolution didn’t just add changes to the British economy, but it most noticeably changed the infrastructure of the country. Thousands of factories and railroads popped up all over the nation, such rapid growth pushed for a bigger demand for resources to maintain the factories, so a movement was created. A movement within a nation is a push for change based on the current necessities in a society. Because of the demand of resources like coal and iron ore, along with the need of a larger work force, the way resources were obtained and labor changed, this was the movement that reshaped the world, but it wasn’t good for everybody. There was an incredible shift in the way people earned money, especially in rural areas. The change in agrarian practices didn’t just increase the production of crops, it gave rise to the Cottage Industry. Since
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