How Did The Industrial Revolution Change Society

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Throughout history there were many events that shaped and changed society, some for better and others for the worst. One of these events was the Industrial Revolution, which not only shaped the structure of society, but also changed the mind setting that people had about the reality of the world. Although the Industrial Revolution was a point of changes in history that opened the road for some sectors such technology, science and culture, these advances and changes came with a price to the public health and safety specially for the lower and middle class families. The industrial revolution was a consequence of a “revolutionary movement” that started in France and spread across Europe and it was great especially in Great Britain that had …show more content…

The combination of these elements according to Edward Baines was the perfect situation for the factorization of a city and especially if they “are abundant and cheap, machinery may be manufactured and put in motion at small cost” . Being near to water contributed a lot for manufacture, because the water stream was not only a good supply, but also a good and cheap way to throw out the waist, at least was the thinking of the owners of the factories, the pollution conscience was not on their mind. Cotton was also a big contribution for the industrialization, especially for clothing, that now was possible to do cheap clotting in a more productive way, but the question of how worked in these factories was eminent, was their wages far comparing to the long hours of work that they provided? Was it safe? In a sense these question already had a response, but some historians were important and brave enough to talk this out and

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