The Christmas Carol: Comparing The Book And Movie

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The Christmas Carol is a great and popular story, people have made movies and plays about it, though the play can be more accurate. The movies can be very accurate to the actual story. Although it is not a very long play there are many different things going on. The story overall has a great message to it. As in, never say that Christmas lame or not worth it. The play and the movie are both different,but similar, in ways like characters, settings, and plots. The Christmas Carol movie from 1984, is a great example. The director of the movie is Clive Donner. The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge. He is an old man who is very sour and greedy. He is very lonely and is unloved by most people. He is very rude to everyone. Even his own nephew. In the movie there are 3 spirits who come and visit Mr.Scrooge. First comes the spirit of Christmas Past. Then comes the spirit of Christmas Present. Then comes the spirit of Christmas Future or yet to come. The point of Christmas past was to show how Ebenezer wasn’t rude then. He actually liked Christmas. He stopped liking Christmas because his father stopped liking him. ( Dickens)The only reason he stopped liking him. He stopped like him, because when he was born, his …show more content…

For starters, Marley doesn’t speak out directly to the audience in the movie. He only speaks to Mr.Scrooge. (Dickens Movie, Clive Donner) And in the movie the spirit of Christmas past, was a grown woman who was supposedly the spirit. But in the play the spirit was a child of some sort.(Dickens,play/movie)Maybe an adult but in the form of a child. Then in the movie they got to a place that looks like a sewer or the poorer part of town. There is a family who are very poor, barely enough to eat. Then the spirit takes him to the grave. In the play the part about the poor family doesn’t happen in the play. The either made up that part or completely skipped

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