A Christmas Carol: Similarities Between Book And Movie

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Scrooge knew Marley was dead,o f course he did and how could it be otherwise. Scrooge and he were partners for we don’t know how many years. Scrooge was his sole executor, administrator,assign, residuary legatee, friend, and mourner(shmoop.com)The famous story of Charles Dickens is an example of typically change. Greed can lead to a lonely life with no one to share it with throughout time. There are some differences and similarities between the story and the film, like the conflict, climax and resolution.

In the drama, A Christmas Carol, the plot develops throughout the story. Conflict begins Scrooge being a greedy, lonely man. Christmas is a humbug to him(Dickens,3). He doesn’t want to deal with the spirits and wishes to alone during the holiday season. In the play there are three spirits Marley sends to Scrooge. The three spirits are Past, Present, and Future(Dickens, 7-12). The climax of the story is when Scrooge sees his grave all alone. Then promise he will change if it's not too late. When he wakes up, he realize its still Christmas day he decides to share his money. …show more content…

The film version is similar to the play. The Conflict is about Scrooge being a greedy, lonely man, which is obvious by the stage presence.Scrooge wears nice clothes and has a scale to his look also walks with his head down(video 1984). In the film he’s also visited by three spirits. The spirits show his life by someone else’s point of view. Turning point of the climax when he sees his grave and an empty funeral home. Scrooge is scared and begs for a second chance(video,1984). When he wakes up, goes to the window, and shouts what day is it. Then finds out it's Christmas day, he becomes a happy man and starts running around like a little school boy. Scrooge makes a mend with people in his life and give generous donations. Although there are few differences between the drama and the play, a few do stand

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