Compare And Contrast: A Christmas Carol

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Compare and Contrast
A Christmas Carol is full of many twists and turns, and has been written in many different versions. Writers have taken artistic liberties and have added or taken away to the beloved Christmas story to make it their own. No two versions are going to be exactly similar, and most definitely are going to have many differences.
The play and the movie both follow the basic plotline of the classic novel, A Christmas Carol. They start out with an elderly Scrooge who has a terrible Christmas spirit. He is visited by his deceased business partner, Marley Jacobson, in an attempt to save his spirit from the same infection which destroyed his soul, greed. In order to do so, Marley sends three spirits, Past, Present, and Future, to …show more content…

He shows Scrooge what terrible conditions his employee, Cratchit, is living in, and how his family and he are struggling to make ends meet for the holiday season. He also shows him a homeless community that Scrooge didn't even know existed because he forgot that not everybody can be as wealthy as he is. This scene was cut from the play probably due to its lack of significance to the main plotline of the original story.
The film depicts Future leading Scrooge to his grave, where men are digging up his never-shared fortunes for themselves, while the play only tells of the men digging the grave to bury him. both film and play show scenes with people selling, buying, and trading his old possessions. Scrooge realizes that if he doesn’t change his ways, he is going to end up like his selfish, greedy business partner, Jacob Marley, unloved, uncared for, and forgotten.
When Scrooge awakes from his night of horrors, he immediately sends someone to buy the largest turkey for the Cratchit household, gives a hearty donation to a charity, and attends his nephew's Christmas party, in an attempt to reconcile with everybody to save his spirit.
Both versions show Scrooge as a heartless man who cannot see his wrongdoings, but after a visit from his old business partner and a couple spirits, he finally learns a valuable lesson that teaches us

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