Christmas Carol Movie Vs Book

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Compare and Contrast Bah, Humbug!! It is absolutely the most amazing Christmas story ever told. It is a story that every family knows to enjoy. Both movie and play are filled with that wonderful feeling of Christmas spirit. This film teaches a very special lesson that should be taken upon yourselves daily. It is filled with heart, forgiveness, sincere, and of course happiness!!! The story has been told to every little child in every little home. There are movies, plays, scripts, and much more that have been based on this story. Yet each one differs in their own little way. You may often come across the Christmas Carol story in many different forms but the play and movie are the most common. Say for example, the play written by Charles Dickens. This play takes place in various places in the city of London. The Christmas Carol play comes to life on Christmas Eve in the winter of 1843.(Dickens, 1) Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character who has absolutely no respect for Christmas at all. Matter of fact, he despises this merry holiday which is called to be the conflict of the play but Bob Cratchit, who works for him, is just filled with the thought of it. Yet Ebenezer’s frozen heart doesn’t care until the moment Future(ghost) takes him upon his own …show more content…

That is undeniable. In the movie Scrooge has a very low spirit like in the play. His partner Marley, who passed away, comes to him as a warning. Three spirits pay him a visit at midnight to teach him, just like in the play. He also gets to see his past from a different perspective. He also gets to visit the Cratchits family whose son, Tiny Tim, can barely stand. Even after this he doesn’t care and the last spirit shows him his grave. At this point, he pleas for one last chance. He then awakens on Christmas morning and buys a big turkey for the Cratchits family. The whole town is simply astonished at his whole different attitude. This is how the movie based on it,

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