Compare And Contrast Scrooge And A Christmas Carol

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During the Christmas season greed should be unheard of, but that’s not the case in these two stories were about to discuss. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old careless man who has no loved ones. In fact, his only love is himself and his money. Within the drama titled A Christmas Story and the video titled A Christmas Carol, Mr. Scrooge is not a pleasant man to be around and is commonly avoided because of his negative attitude towards the holidays and other people. These two different versions of the same story are extremely similar, but if taken a closer look at there is a few small differences. In A Christmas Story by Charles Dickens Ebenezer Scrooge is a wicked old selfish man. In the beginning of the story he is shown being a hater towards Christmas spirit and refusing to donate to charity even though this man is very rich. Later on Scrooge arrives home and is welcomed by the ghost of Jacob Marley(Dickens,8). After that three spirits are sent which are named Christmas Past, Present, and Future. The three spirits show him each very important things according to their name. Eventually the spirit of Christmas yet to come shows Scrooge a gravestone which has his own name on it.(Dickens,22) Scrooge begs for a …show more content…

Scrooge is a grouchy old man who hates Christmas and any way shape or form of good will towards mankind. Later on when he is walking to his home Marley visits him and notifies him of the three spirits coming to him soon (Video 1984). Scrooge is scared and confused. After Seeing what the three spirits show him he is slowly changing and starts realizing that the things he does are not right. After seeing his own gravestone he gets frightened and then starts pleading for another chance and promises to live out the Christmas spirit(Video 1984). When he finds himself lying on his own bed he runs out to ask what day it is and when a boy answers “It’s Christmas day” he rejoices and goes out to do many good

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