Why Was Scrooge Such A Grumpy Old Man Essay

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Why was Scrooge such a grumpy old man? The Christmas Carol Story is a play I’m writing an essay on that is going to explain how Scrooge changed to be a good man. Three ghosts visited him the night before Christmas day. The first ghost showed him Christmas past, the second showed the present, and the third one showed the future. Scrooge was a greedy man because of his past so he was visited by the first, second, and third ghost. In the past Scrooge was a very nice man. When the night came and he went home from work he saw Jacob Marley, his old friend who died. Chains hung from every finger and limb. He told Scrooge he was being visited by 3 ghosts. Later that night the first ghost came and watched the past with Scrooge. They saw how Scrooge used to care about family and friends. It also showed him how he turned people down. As the ghosts came, Jacob was the first, followed by the ghost of Christmas past. The first ghost showed him how he always says no, such as when he turned down dinner with his family every year. When the first ghost was showing Scrooge how he used to care …show more content…

The ghost of Christmas present showed him Bob Cratchit's family as well as his own. It also showed how his life grew to revolve around money. When he saw Bob’s family, he saw how little they had. For Christmas dinner they had barely any food and small amounts of toys around the house. Scrooge had a small pit in his stomach, for he was not paying them enough daily weige. Next he was taken to see what his family was doing without him on Christmas day. They were all ice-skating and making rude jokes about the grumpy old man. He was hurt inside because he felt like a joke. Finally, it showed him how greedy he was when it came to money. It made him stop caring about the world and only care about himself, as he cussed at the poor and homeless. Scrooge was a very lonely man because of his actions. He fully changed later that

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