How Does Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol was wrote in December of 1843. The story was wrote by Charles Dickens. The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge, he is a wealthy, greedy person. Scrooge gets 3 different visits from the past, present, and future ghost. Scrooge realizes he can change his future. In Stave 1 Scrooge was very arrogant and greedy. When Scrooge refused to donate money to portly gentlemen it reminds me of how the Salvation Army asks for people to donate money but even the wealthy won’t donate. When Scrooge’s nephew Fred wishes Scrooge a Merry Christmas and invites him to dinner, Scrooge becomes angry. Even when Scrooge saw Jacob Marley’s ghost he was frightened but still didn’t change. Throughout the first stave Scrooge was very rude and selfish. …show more content…

When Scrooge looks at his past he gets a tear on his cheek. When the ghost took him to his school, Scrooge starts to become sad. When his Sister picks him up from school he realizes his father doesn’t actually hate him. Scrooge realizes how bad he treated people when he was at the Fezzywig’s. When the Ghost of Christmas past comes to visit Scrooge, Scrooge gets emotional. In Stave 3 the Ghost of Christmas Present comes to visit Scrooge. This time Scrooge was prepared for the ghost. First he sees The Cratchit family, when he goes in their house he finds that Tiny Tim is crippled. Scrooge realizes when he sees the lighthouse and ship that everyone is happy on Christmas wherever they are at. Also when Scrooge sees Bob Cratchit working, he sees that he is a hard worker. Scrooge finally realized that he has been ruining people’s lives. In Stave 4 Scrooge met the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. He was the most fearful ghost out of all of the ghosts. Scrooge became sad when he saw people selling a wealthy man’s clothes that died. Then Scrooge goes to Bob Cratchit’s house and sees Tiny Tim dead. He realizes he can change his

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