Examples Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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Alexander DiStefano
Periods 7-8
20 Dec 2022
Scrooge and the 3 Spirits

In this story, A Christmas Carol an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge is met with 3 spirits past, present, and future who teach him a valuable lesson and make him change his ways of being self-centered. The spirits, and his coworker, help Scrooge learn that friendships and relationships are more important than having more money.

The story a Christmas carol is about an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge who despises Christmas and only cares about his money. In fact, he calls Christmas a “humbug holiday”. Scrooge works with someone quite his opposite, a clerk named Bob Cratchit who is very sweet and kind even though he only gets paid 15 shillings. After Bob Crachit …show more content…

The first is Scrooge's old business partner, Jacob Marley, who comes to warn Scrooge of the dangers of his money-obsessed ways. He tells Scrooge that when the bell tolls one he will encounter 3 spirits. As predicted, when the bell tolls a spirit is there, a ghost of Christmas past. She takes him to the past and shows him his past self. And for the first time, Scrooge expresses regret over a past lack of generosity. Scrooge has just relived the events of his childhood when he was left alone at school over Christmas. One particular memory is when his old headmaster was with him when he was alone at school on Christmas and he tells him to prioritize money over relationships. This is an important example of Scrooge learning at an early age that money is more important than people, generosity, love and …show more content…

This spirit is sitting on a Ginormous throne of food and is a very jolly spirit with a loud voice. The ghost takes Scrooge to the present day and he walks around acknowledging the poor people that are living on London's streets that he previously didn’t know about or acknowledge. The ghost of Christmas present then takes him to a small house. Scrooge asks who the house belongs to and the ghost of Christmas present replies “this is the cratches home”. Scrooge looks inside and is shocked to learn that Bob Cratchet has children. He begins to think about someone other than himself as wonders how the Cratchets support the children and stay merry because he is very poor. Scrooge also learns that one of the children Tiny Tim is sick and will die in the

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