The Importance Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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Dickens uses Scrooge as a vehicle to show the guilt and regret he believed that the rich should have felt for exploiting their workers/ the poor, this was meant to challenge the rich and make them think upon their actions and change akin to scrooges transformation. We follow Scrooge throughout the novella tracking his change from the cold and cynical, cruel and calculating man who mistreated his workers, to a man who was joyous and kind, merry and empathetic who felt great regret for the suffering he had inflicted in those around him, most notably the poor of which bob cratchit is a symbol in the novella.

In stave 3, the ghost of Christmas present takes scrooge on a journey through London to show him how the poor celebrate Christmas, Scrooge is shown the poverty and suffering of the Cratchit family, whom he employs, we are shown scrooges regret at his treatment of bob once he learns of how he lives, when he asks if tiny Tim will live the ghost tells him …show more content…

Scrooge begins to feel guilty for his mistreatment of these people and for his lack of empathy for their plight.Through the visit of the Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge is also forced to confront the regret he feels for not taking advantage of the opportunities he had in life and for not using his wealth and resources to help others. This is particularly evident in the scene where Scrooge sees the Cratchit family gathered around their Christmas dinner, enjoying a simple meal and each other's company. This scene serves as a powerful reminder of what Scrooge has missed out on in life and the love and happiness that he could have shared if he had been more compassionate and

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