How Is Scrooge Presented In A Christmas Carol

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Christmas Carol TDA
Cold inside and out. Selfish. Mean subtly. Cheap. Definition of Ebenezer Scrooge. But is there a way for a definition to change? Is a person able to change all in one night? That is what happens to Ebeneezer scrooge in the book “A Christmas Carol.” Scrooge is visited on one cold christmas night by four spirits that try to change him. Jacob Marley,The ghost of christmas past,present,and yet to come Along with the spirit visits, Dickens utilizes many literary devices to help convey an important theme in the story in a big way. The theme, people can be redeemed, becomes evident as we near the conclusion of the story through Dickens's use of three literary elements: characterization, setting , and tone. One literary element …show more content…

One example of Dickens's use of characterization came in Stave 1, on page six when Scrooge’s nephew Fred comes to ask Scrooge to dinner to celebrate Christmas, Scrooge refuses, spewing off, “Bah, which is fairly significant. Humbug! Another example of Dickens's use of characterization to convey the theme of, people can be redeemed, occurs in Stave 5 on pages 115-116, when Scrooge is enlightened after the spirit of Christmas Future visits. Scrooge generally has learned through the spirit’s visit that he is very ecstatic about Christmas. He is excited to learn it is Christmas day, wishes others on the street a merry Christmas, and even fetches a young boy to go purchase a turkey for the Cratchit family. ”In these pieces of text, Dickens is showing us how Scrooge changed or redeemed himself. He was a greedy, grumpy man at the beginning of the story with no Christmas spirit. By the end of the story, he was exhilarated to be celebrating Christmas and was greeting people with cheer and spreading cheer by giving to others. A third example that Dickens utilizes …show more content…

The setting is important to the theme of “people can be redeemed” to show how terrible Scrooge was living and in the end to show what changed him.”Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it.” “The spirit stood upon the graves, and pointed down to one.”The evidence shows how scrooge was unhappy and he lived in the dark and the second piece of evidence shows the exact moment at the graveyard where Scrooge was changed by seeing his own actual grave. This shows how terrible Scrooge was living and how unhappy he was, and then when he was haunted by the ghost of Christmas yet to come he was shown his grave and he wanted to change. Tone can show how scrooge can change throughout the story to support the theme.“Bah, said Scrooge. Humbug!” and “ He was so fluttered and so glowing with his good intentions that his broken voice would scarcely answer to his call.”These quotes show how the tone of the beginning of the story was unhappy and the end of the story was joyous and some may even say changed. This evidence shows how it is important to look a the tone of the story to see how scrooge changed. Dickens used many literary elements to write the book “A Christmas Carol”. People can be redeemed specifically was one of the most obvious themes

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