Did Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

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Did Scrooge only change because his life was on the line, did the Grinch's heart really grow two sizes? You surely would have heard the story of the Grinch and A Christmas carol, but out of the two, who changed more? They were both mean and cruel to everyone, but both of them changed into better people with the help of others and the circumstances they were put in. But again, who had the most character development?

The Grinch has changed the most throughout his story. The Grinch was a foul, green, furry creature from whoville. He was brought to an older family with no real parents; he looked different from everyone else. He bullied him for his long hair as a kid, everyone thought he was a joke. The Grinch tried to change his appearance …show more content…

Scrooge was also a rude and mean person, who hated Christmas. He was a bad person but when he changed he did not change as much as the Grinch. Scrooge is a rich mean old man, who was given a chance to change, be his nephew inviting him to a Christmas party, or people going around asking for money to donate, but he never did any of that. While the Grinch didn't have an opportunity to change when everyone hated him, and even when he was invited to something, and started to change, they played sick jokes on him. Scrooge could have changed but he didn't, the Grinch only had one chance to change, and he took it. In the movie The Grinch, he says “I hate Christmas, I hate it,” He says this after getting bullied by his classmates and decides to run away. This shows that the Grinch hates Christmas from a past traumatic event. This is why the Grinch hates the sounds and lights from the Wwhos, as it reminds him of when he was a kid at Christmas. The Grinch is broken, not purely eEvil. So this gives him a big uprise when he changes, overcoming childhood trauma. Iit even says “his heart grew two sizes that day,”. Scrooge might have changed, but the Grinch joined a whole society of people, and was now

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