How Does Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

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Landon Kiely
Mrs. Shearer
Language Arts - 7A
30 January 2023
Scrooge Character Analysis
Is there someone who hoards money and is very cheap? Well, that person is Scrooge from the play, A Christmas Carol by Israel Horovitz, Scrooge is a very successful businessman who cherishes the money he makes so much that he refuses to do anything to help others. Mean and disrespectful, Scrooge even underpays and mistreats his employee, Bob Cratchit. His dead business partner, Jacob Marley, comes back to haunt him in hopes of changing Scrooge’s character. If Scrooge does not change his ways, he is doomed and will be trapped by his earthly sins for eternity. However, Scrooge does change, shifting his voice from miserly to regretful until finally, he becomes jubilant. …show more content…

Acting cold, are you? Next, you’ll be asked to replenish coal from my coal box, won’t you? Well, save your breath, Cratchit! Unless you’re prepared to find employment elsewhere”(Horovitz 238). Scrooge has a miserly voice as he aggressively tells Cratchit no. Scrooge’s fiancé leaves Scrooge due to his greed and feels like she made the mistake as shown in the text “do not let her go”(Horovitz 257). This shows a sign of Scrooge‘s guilt, intimidated by his decisions and is starting to change. Scrooge gives a turkey and a raise to Bob Cratchit.This shows change in Scrooge's character as shown in the text “ Oh, I didn’t tell you? Yes, I’ve written the precise address down just here on this . . . [Hands paper to him] Bob Cratchit’s house. Now he’s not know who sends him this. Do you understand me? Not a word” (Horovitz 288). This quote shows Scrooge being jubilant because doing good in an anonymous way. This shows how people can change for the

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