How Does Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

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“Money can’t buy happiness,”Anonymous. This quote is very symbolic because even though money can buy many things it's not always needed to be happy. This quote relates a lot to the story “A Christmas Carol'' written by Charles Dickens, because Ebenezer Scrooge the protagonist is a grumpy old miser who cares too much about money. He learns to care more about his relationships with others throughout the book and changes for the better. Because Scrooge had a visit from three ghosts, he changed personally and this change impacted others.
A casual day on Christmas Eve 1843. This day altered Ebenezer Scrooge's entire existence. Scrooge was a miser who hated the word Christmas as well as a very grumpy being most of the time. When he was younger he …show more content…

One manner that Scrooge changes within himself, is he becomes more appreciative of people around him. In the book, on paragraph 84, it explains, “I am listening. Spirit, it must be time for us to take our leave. I feel in my heart that is… that I must think on that which I have seen here…” This section of the story exposes that Scrooge realizes his co-workers situation and takes into account how grateful he is for him even with what is happening with Tiny Tim he still works hard. Additionally, Scrooge has seen the family toasting to him founder of the feast from The Ghost of Christmas Past and caused him to really think about how he has treated Bob. In addition, the strange experience of seeing ghosts caused him to be more granting, as well as giving. Furthermore, in the text it states “Good. There you go then.. This is for the turkey… and this is for the taxi. And this is for your world-record Adam…” This explains how Scrooge becomes more giving because in the first part of the book he wanted nothing to do with charity or even people for that matter. Also, he paid back Adam for all of the things he has done and even the world-record which was just out of the kindness of his soul.Scrooge’s peculiar encounter with the three ghosts caused him to be more thankful and rewarding for his own …show more content…

For instance, Scrooge started to have more Merry to people around him. Moreover, in the passage it implies “A merry christmas Bob… [He claps Bob’s back.] I’ll raise your salary and endeavor to assist your struggling family and we will discuss your affairs this afternoon over a bow of smoking bishop. We need warmth and cheer, Bob Cratichit!” This excerpt discloses the fact that Scrooge used to say “bah humbug!” But now he welcomes Bob Cratchit and wants warmth and cheer for Mr Cratchit and his family. So, Scrooge was eventually able to see the good in the Christmas spirit even if he took a long time to find it. Another way Scrooge modified those around him is he became more humanitarian. In particular, the text states “Oh, didn’t I tell you? Yes, I've written the precise address down here on this… [Hand paper to him] Bob Cratchit's house. Now he’s not to know who sends him this. Do you understand me? Not a word [Handing out money and chucking].” This conversation between Scrooge and the Man is a very benevolent act and seemed that Scrooge was feeling generous to the fact he should give Bob some money. This caused a change in the way Scrooge has been viewed and shows he has become more generous to humankind around him. Scrooge's event of him encountering the ghosts causes him to show more gratitude to alter him personally as well as causing him to be more

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