The Definition Of Business In A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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The novel A Christmas Carol is a very interesting book. The main character Scrooge does not understand what mankind’s business is in the beginning, but figures it out later on. Ebenezer Scrooge does not understand the true meaning of “business”. He believes that “business” means money. Through Scrooge’s development, Dickens shows that people should make mankind their business because that’s what we are here for. Scrooge’s definition of man’s “business” is money. This affects him by making him mean, greedy, and alone. In the novel on page 5 Scrooge says, “‘What is Christmastime to you but a time for paying bills without money; a time for finding yourself but year older, and not an hour richer.’” This shows that Scrooge thinks his only business in life is to make money which makes him mean. When Scrooge’s nephew came into the building Scrooge and him had a fight about Christmas. In the book Scrooge also says, “‘What reason have you to be merry? You’re poor enough.’”(page 5) This shows that Scrooge is being mean and asking his nephew why should he be merry because he is poor. …show more content…

This impacts Scrooge by making him nice and kind.Scrooge wants to send a surprise turkey to Bob Crachit’s house. In paragraph four page 116 of the novel Scrooge says, ‘“ I’ll send it to Bob Crachit’s,’ whispered Scrooge, rubbing his hand splitting with a laugh.” This shows that Scrooge is being nice and sending a turkey to Bob Crachit’s house. The day after Christmas Bob Crachit came in late for work and Scrooge pretended to be mad. On page 121 it said, “...he continued, leaping from his stool, and giving Bob such a dig in the waistcoat that he staggered back into the tank again- ‘and therefore, I am about to raise your salary!’” This shows that Scrooge has changed because he is being nice and raising Bob’s

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