How Does A Christmas Carol Scrooge Change Throughout The Play

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"Change is not a threat, it is an opportunity, survival is not the goal, transformative success is” why is scrooge so mean? In the play, a Christmas Carol Scrooge went through a transformation because he had trauma from his childhood, became angry, and learned to adjust. Scrooge had a hard childhood and was neglected and forgotten. He wasn't cared for and had lots of loss. In the play, the Christmas carol Scrooge's older self is mean and cold-hearted compared to his younger self when he was generous and kind

In the play a Christmas Carol Scrooge had a bad childhood, his father was abusive and he was sent to boarding school to be forgotten. Scrooge had a sister named fan, she and scrooge were left alone to care for them selves. Scrooge bonded with her and when she died on Christmas scrooge would remember that day forever. Scrooge also fell in love with a young woman named belle. He proposed and she accepted it, but when he got greedy she left him. Scrooge thought by making lots of money he could live comfortably but that just made him even more greedy. …show more content…

What was scrooge like when he was younger? Scrooge had a hard life, but that didn't stop him from being happy. When he was young Scrooge went to parties and was very generous. He was happy and creative and he met the love of his life. These are some quotes from the text about scrooge.
“In the midst of the dancing and the laughter servants pass back and forth through the crowd with huge platters of food. At a pause in the music, young Ebenezer, who is dancing…”. “Mr. Fezziwig, sir, you’re a wonderful master!” “Fezziwig! It’s old Fezziwig that I apprenticed under. FIRST SPIRIT: Your master? SCROOGE: Oh, yes, and the best that any boy could have.” This quote shows that Scrooge is having fun and being happy. In the last quote, it talks about scrooges boss fezziwig, and how he was the best boss anyone could

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