Comparing Do The Right Thing 'And Bicycle Theives' By Spike Lee

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Throughout the semester we experined and learned about different era in the film industry. We began with the silent era and the movie "city Lights" by charlie chaplin. Then to Italian Neorlism era where they began to use real locations and unproffesional actors. "Bicycle Theives" by Vittorio De Sica set a good example of that by showing real life issues. lastly to wrap everything up there is black cinema. In the movie "Do the Right Thing" by Spike Lee was in a completly different level from the last films weve watched. Here we see color, different culture, and profanity, some of the things we have never seen in films. After all the movie did share some similar techniques from our previous lectures. To begin I just want say that i love black cinema films, i have a couple of favorite of films for example "baber shop" by Tim Story, "Remeber the Titans" by Boaz Yakin, and my all time favorite "Boyz n the Hood" by John Singleton. From the begining of the movie "do the Right Thing" it felt famaliar to me, like i knew some of the techniques that were being used. The editing, camera angles, and the music all rang bell. Comparing this film to the preview films weve watched this one was beyond in a different level. The film broke the hays code the …show more content…

The film showed real life issues that were going on at the time for instance the racial cops or spraying black people with the hose. In the italian neoralism era they did the same thing but with a different culture and background. To add on they shot the film in real locations just like Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, and Vittorio were doing. I also witnessed scenes where breaking the fourth wall came back to black cinema. When i seen all this in action i knew right away where and from it came from. Spike Lee did not only do a great job using the elements from the italian neorealism but also putting some his own ideas that were never seen

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