How Power Corrupt People In Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

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“Power”: How power corrupt people in Do the Right Thing In Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”, a leading character Pino, who is the brother of Vito, often oppress his brother because he is older; Pino often command vito to do his work from him, “Sal: Pino, get a broom and sweep out front. Pino: Vito, get a broom and sweep out front.” Pino is oppressing Vito because he feels superior since he is the older brother. Spike Lee is clearly trying to express humanities negative emotion when they get holds of power. Pino is the older brother which deep inside makes him feel superior to vito, which is the reason why he often tries to command vito to do his work for him. Lee is trying to express how people can became if they were corrupted by the power …show more content…

When the people in the black community won’t listen to them, they decided to use violence to cast off the crowd. These police were corrupted by the power they possess, which droves them into using violence to solve things. Spike Lee is trying argue that holding too much power can corrupt one’s mind. Officer Ponte replies, “What Jobs?” and laughs when Officer Long were telling people to get back to their jobs. This clearly express how these officer views people in the black community. They think of them as a bunch of people who aren’t benefiting the society by mocking them as people who do not have jobs. Spike Lee is trying to say that the police who have a job and power over these black people, viewed themselves as superior to black people, which corrupts their mind and cause horrible things such as using police brutality and killing Radio Raheem. Also Spike is trying to express differentiation among class by having Pino say, “It’s different. Magic, Eddie, Prince are not niggers, I mean, are not Black. I mean, they’re Black but not really Black. They’re more than Black. It’s different”. Spike is trying to point out that people who reach a certain social status are superior to those who aren’t at that level. Even though social status influences people in discrimination, the economic status also play a great role in

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