Kyle Patrick Alvarez's 'The Stanford Prison Experiment'

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In Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s The Stanford Prison Experiment, 20 college aged boys are selected to play different roles in a simulated prison located within Stanford.This experiment was thought of and carried out by Philip Zimbardo, a professor of psychology. The boys, who were also students at Stanford, were randomly selected to be a guard or a prisoner. The prisoners were taken by real police officers to the Stanford jail. When the experiment started, most of the prisoners thought of the situation as it was intended to be, an experiment. However, the guards were much more serious. Prisoner 8612 received a large amount of attention from the guards, and could arguably have been the most abused prisoner. At one point, 8612 and another prisoner attempt to break out of the prison, but it failed. After having many …show more content…

The movie tells many different stories. It tells the story of prisoner 8612, and his rebellion and eventual breakdown. It tells the story of prisoner 819, who was shamed by all of the other prisoners while being locked in a small, dark room. It tells the story of all the prisoners in this horrendous experiment, as well as the story of the experiments leader, Philip Zimbardo. Most importantly though, it tells the story of how harsh humans can be. Even a normal, average college teenager can turn into a monster in the right circumstances. This movie has been the hardest hitting movie i have watched to date. When it started, it seemed like a good experiment that might have some interesting developments. By the end of the movie, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. After watching the movie, I do look a little more into the experiment. The movie had a website with background information, and between the paragraphs of detail they had pictures and videos of the real prisoners. It is one thing to watch actors go through all of that stuff, but a whole different thing to see real people, people my age, going through

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