How Did Frank Morris And The Anglin Brothers Escape

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Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers at the right time they either too early or too late. So for the 3 inmates they were able to escape very easy and made it out alive. These Reports are going around the world asking how did they escape the trench waters of San Francisco Bay.

The person who was behind this was Frank Morris who made the escape plan to make it out alive of San Francisco Bay Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers were never seen again. This escape still stands today of the escape plan they pulled off in 1962. Anyone who tried to escape would have gotten killed by the guards
Have you heard of the 1962 escape? Well this is a true story on how the three inmates escaped the prison in 1962.

On the night of June 11,1962 Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers Made a plan to escape the prison in 1962. First the inmates made a drill to make a hole in the wall to escape, Then made the dummy heads out of cardboard, cement chips and soap to make it look like they were still in their cells. But when the guards came in their cells the guards discovered the heads were dummy heads, Then the guards found …show more content…

That makes it the best escape in history. The night of June 11, 1962 they knew they would time it right since it was only night time and the lights were off that made more simple for them to escape then any other people tried to escape that made hard for others. The other inmates either timed it late or very early in the daytime that’s why the other inmates either got shot, drowned or got caught because they didn’t escapeor they either jumped in the water. But for these 3 inmates they just pulled it off with the dummy heads that fooled the guards enough. The Mastermind was Frank Morris who came up with the daring plan to escape the prison known as “The Rock” where no one even dared to escape the prison cause they knew what the guards would do once they were

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