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The bodies of a sixteen year old Leslie Arnold’s parents were found buried in their house’s backyard of Omaha, Nebraska after he confessed to the police about the killings. On September 27th, 1958, Leslie had into an argument with his parents over their family car. This led him to brutally shooting his parents and burying their bodies in a shallow grave behind their home. His parents were William Arnold, a 42 year old manager and his wife Opel who was about 40 years at the time of their death. Arnold and his 11 year old brother even stayed in the home alone since that time. The teen also allegedly told the neighbors that his parents went on a vacations, which contradicts what he had told an employee of his fathers’, saying that Mr. Arnold had…show more content…
On October 10th their uncle, Ben Mc Cammon reported to the police that they were missing. The day afterwards Leslie had gone to report the crime. Arnold was arrested was stayed in prison until he and another inmate had escaped in July 1967. They broke out by cutting through the window bars of the prison’s music room. The two were then picked up at a bowling alley and driven to a bus station and left on a bus to Chicago. The other inmate was captured in Los Angeles in 1968 and has reportedly told the police that the pair had traveled to Chicago and then split up not knowing where Arnold went. There has been no trace of Leslie Arnold since though it was speculated that he might be residing in Brazil. This story is much like what Cathy Ames had done in East of Eden. At around 17 years old Cathy had locked her parents into their room and buried their whole house down. Both of these people did what they did because they didn’t get what they wanted. Arnold wanted his parents to agree with him about the family car and Cathy wanted the freedom she thought she deserved but couldn’t get because of her

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