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The Yuma Territorial Prison opened in 1875, but the first prisoners were not moved to the prison, in till 1876. Over three thousand prisoners were housed during the thirty-three years the prison was operational. Yuma Territorial Prison is perceived throughout its many roles as a luxury for the community in Yuma, Arizona. The community in Yuma, Arizona might think this because of the many benefits the prison gave the inmate’s and the town people. In view of the community the prison played many roles other than just being a prison. Uniquely the prison housed a diverse range of inmates. The townspeople of Yuma, Arizona perceived the Yuma territorial prison as a favorable and luxuries prison. The townspeople of Yuma, Arizona…show more content…
Which changed the community heavily. In addition to what is written in the second paragraph he prison held the very first library in Yuma, Arizona . Which would show that the Yuma Territorial Prison took on the role as the very first library in Yuma. This would impact the community heavily because people would be able to read and write. Also said in paragraph two the prison was now as the “Country Club of the Colorado”. The community called the prison this because of its luxuries and favorable appliances. Also because the community thought the inmates had it too easy. The prison gave the inmates privileges like a bag of tobacco each week and three good meals a day.Which shows that the Yuma Territorial prison took on the role as the “Country Club on the Colorado”. One Of the most recognized roles in the community of Yuma, Arizona is that the prison took on the role as Yuma's first high school. The prison was no longer operational when the high school was put into place. The school was held on the second floor of the prison where the prison’s hospital used to be. This would lead to outsiders calling the high schooler's criminals because their high school was in a prison. The name would stick and soon when the actual high school was built the criminals would be their mascot. The prison taking on the role as Yuma’s fist high school impacted the community very heavily because it led to people…show more content…
The community of Yuma Arizona perceived the prison as a pleasure to have.The prison also held a unique range of criminals. Some limitations of the sources I used was in Trafzer, Cliff and Steve George.Prison Centennial 1876-1976. Yuma: Rio Colorado Press, 1976 source there wasn't any dates to show when the inmates pictures were taken. Which would have been helpful because I would know when the inmates got to the prison. Another limitation of the sources I used was in Clark, Tina. “Yuma Territorial Prison.” Lecture, Yuma, AZ, January 8-9, 2018 sources was that she was very repetitive with her information. Which got confusing because when she repeated things sometimes she would change what she said the first time. So I would have to go back and change what I originally wrote down because she changed it the second time she said it. Another limitation of Miss. Clark was she said that there was 39 women housed in the prison, but in sources Murphy, Marti. "The Territorial Prison." Rpt. in The Prison Chronicle: Yuma Territorial Prison Colorful Past. Phoenix: Arizona State Parks, 1999. Print it says that there was only 29 women that were housed. Which got me confused because both say different

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