Yuma Territorial Prison: Was It Known As A Country Club, Or A Hell Hole?

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Gladys Alcala
January 14, 2015
Period 1

The Yuma Territorial Prison Was it known as a country club, or a hell hole ?. Well it depended on what side of the wall you were standing on. The Yuma Territorial Prison was known for what it was called not for what was really taking place. During the late 1800’s the prison was built in Yuma, Az. This essay is going to inform you about The Yuma Territorial Prison. It will explain what would happen at the prison like rules and regulations, expectations, prisoners, and some of the prisons background, why it was built, how it was important, and what people have said about it to this day.

While looking for the seven cities of cibola, Fernando de Alacron passed the site in 1540. The prison functioned …show more content…

Many have reported that in certain parts of the prison, they seem to feel a spooky sensation. The most commonly known story is if you wear red to the prison you are to get pinched. This “pinch” comes from a little girl who is known to haunt the prison, research was made and her family stayed at the prison to use it as their home. The next known story is the Dark Cell haunting. Yuma local magazine writer for the Arizona Highways was to stay in the Dark Cell for 48 hours, to see what it would feel like to be a prisoner. She only lasted 37 hours, claiming that she wasn’t the only one in the cell. Another well known story is the story of the Crazy Hole. A woman tourist took a picture standing in front of the cell. In the image it is described to appear a figure of a “ghostly man” standing behind her in the doorway. The #14 cell, was known to be occupied by John Ryan. A very well-known inmate, because many didn’t like him. Ryan committed suicide in the #14 cell and it is said when near by the area or close to the cell, many start to feel uncomfortable and begin to feel cold …show more content…

Although part of the prison was demolished for the Yuma Pacific Railroad, It is now remodeled and is known as The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park. It is a museum that still uses its cells and many of its features. Some have either been reconstructed, remodeled, or replaced. It is now a tourist sight and attraction to most who visit Yuma, Arizona. Sometimes during the month of October, it is used as a haunted house for those who are trick-or-treating. Other times it is used to host events like the 5k Run. The Yuma Territorial Prison can be used for many things, but it will always be apart of what made Yuma’s

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