Stanley Hotel Supernatural

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With the supernatural there are many things possible. Supernatural is very interesting but sometimes not be messed with. There’s different types Spirits, myths, ghost hunters, and “haunted locations.” Although there are good and bad spirits, here are some good ones. Angles are the nicer ones. They are aligned with God and are a positive energy that was never human.They usually will protect you from dark entities as well as the living. Their aura is so bright it appears as wings. They are very powerful and should not be played with. Child ghosts are usually good. They passed for one reason or another and paranormal activity for them is usually sad. They tend to be lonely and seek attention. These types move toys or other objects to scare.…show more content…
The Stanley Hotel and The Imperial Hotel are some of the scariest haunted places in Colorado. The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park also where the 1980 movie “The Shining” was filmed. Every room in the Stanley Hotel experienced something but the two main are room 217 and room 407. Usually, clothes get unpacked, items move on their own, lights turn off and on by themselves, and children are heard giggling and running. Another haunted location is the Imperial Hotel at Cripple Creek. The owner, George Long, was hit over the head. His mentally disabled daughter Alice hit him with a metal bar which caused him to fall down a flight of stairs, causing his death. Alice also died at the hotel where her parents locked her in their apartment which is now Red Rooster Bar. When the staff at the bar leave the door closed, there is a scratching sound on the other side of the door that they believe is Alice. George is also seen by the security guards at night playing the slot machines. Both places are still opened till this…show more content…
Amityville took place in the 1970’s. “My parents have been shot!” Screamed Ronald Defeo bursting into Harry 's Bar on the night of November 13, 1974. Ronald was found guilty for the murder of his parents and four younger siblings. Today he is 64 and still is in jail. December 13, 1975, the Lutz family moved into the Defeo home 13 months after the murder. Mysterious odors would come from places, black stains would appear, and a green substance would appear. At 3:15 am, the family would wake up, which was the time the Defeo family was murdered. On the 28th night, banging and wrapping sounds as loud as a marching band went through out the house, furniture was moved on its own, along with voices saying “Get out”. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the house 20 days later. They were physically abused by the demonic presence. Lorraine saw the Defeo family wrapped in white sheets (they weren 't really there) and took a picture. A little boy appeared peeking around the corner, who is believed to be John Ketchum who lived on that property. He practiced black magic and had a cottage on the land. His remains are buried on the property still to this day. Also on the property, the Shinicock Indians were left to die. The house is still up till this day and was sold for $950,000,000 and no paranormal activity has been
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