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Martin cash was Tasmania’s most notorious bushranger. Martin Cash was born on the 11th of October, 1808, in Enniscorthy in County Wexford, Ireland to George and Margret Cash who were a comfortably well off family. Martin achieved a reasonable standard of education with him being able to both read and write. At the age of 18 he fell in love with a girl a year or two younger then him whose name was Mary, his first offence was at the age of 18 for attempted murder after he was flirting with his girlfriend Mary by shooting him in the upper chest after seeing the two lovers through a window. Relatives of Martin made strenuous efforts to have the sentence commuted, but their efforts were no good with him boarding at Cook Harbour onto a ship named …show more content…

After a few months in Hobart the couple moved around southern Tasmania finding work and various properties. Martin then worked as a farm worker until he then was caught stealing from his employer and was then sentenced too another seven years in prison. Martin escaped for a brief but then was recaptured and addition 18 months was added to his already seven year sentence. Undiscouraged he escaped a second time where he nearly had it to Melbourne with Bessie before he was captured again and another 2 years to his sentence which prolonged his sentence to 10 years in prison. Martin was then considered a difficult prisoner, this meant he was transferred from Hobart to the notarise prison known as Port Arthur, on Tasman Peninsula south-east of Hobart. Port Arthur was a maximum security prison; this prison was notorious for its conditions and was considered unescapable. While serving his sentence cash met and became friendly with two men named Lawrence Kavenagh and George Jones and they planned an elaborate which they achieved on the 26th of December 1842 by tying their clothes to their heads and swimming across the ‘shark infested’ waters. After Their escape they immediately became bushrangers stealing from properties of the rich, home steads, hotels and unsuspecting travellers, they were also involved in several dramatic shoot-outs. This meant that their status grew amongst the poor whom they left alone and their deeds where seen as a Robin Hood adventure which they took from the rich but would not distribute amongst the poor. This notarise group earned the nickname ‘Cash and

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