Operation Mincemeat Analysis

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Operation Mincemeat was a successful British disinformation strategy used by the British intelligence officers during World War II. Its purpose was to deceive the Nazis and Adolf Hitler into believing that the Allied armies would invade Greece, in hopes to divert troops to the wrong location and defensively weaken the Axis. Masterminded by two MI5 British Intelligence officers Charles Cholmondeley and Ewan Montagu, Operation Mincemeat served as an elaborate tactical deception plan, that involved the implementation of fake documents onto the body of a dead corpse to be later found by the Nazis. Operation Mincemeat served as a vital turning point in the war that furthered the downfall of Italian leader Benito Mussolini and led to an Allied victory in Europe. In this essay… (Thesis) William Martin was a fictional character created by the British secret service MI5. In source 5 it states that William Martin was a Major currently serving in the Royal Marines. It is indicated in source 6 that he kept a photograph, a love letter from his girlfriend, and…show more content…
WIthin sources 4 and 9, it is indicated that Glyndwr Michael was a poor Welshman who drifted from Wales to London. His corpse was discovered in a London storehouse in 1943. Source 10 reveals that Glyndwr had ties to the British secret service named MI5. It states that the MI5 kept Glyndwr Michael’s corpse in a freezer for 3 months. From this evidence, we can deduce that the MI5 were preserving Glyndwr 's body for further use. Source 23 reveals that in 1998, 45 years after Glyndwr’s death, Glyndwr’s name was finally engraved onto his gravestone. This suggests that after being used by the MI5, Glyndwr’s identity remained unknown for a significantly long time. Because William Martin was only a fake identity, Glyndwr’s body was used by the MI5 to pose as Major William Martin. This explains why the MI5 had kept Glyndwr’s body preserved in a freezer for 3
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