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Ed Gein was born on August 27, 1906, in Plainfield, Wisconsin. Ed Gein was a serial killer whose gruesome crimes inspired many more criminals and horror films. His full name is Edward Theodore Gein(Ed Gein American Serial Killer). Ed Gein had a very rough childhood. His father was a violent Alcoholic and his mother verbally abused him( Ed Gein American Serial Killer). Ed had no friends growing up and his mother would punish him and his brother for trying to make friends. His mother was scared they would end up like their father. His father later died of a heart attack in 1940 though. His brother Henry, died while trying to extinguish a fire on a farm in rural Wisconsin in 1944. Now that he was alone with his mother she became or erotic and crazy and later died of a stroke in 1945. Ed Gein started to take a turn for the worse when his mother died he was all alone in the world(Ed Gein). …show more content…

He was particularly interested in the medical experiments performed on Jews during World War 2. Inspired by the cult magazines and the medical experiments on Jews, he started visiting cemeteries and exhumed many recently buried bodies and fashioned trophies from their bones and skin. He must have wanted more when he turned from grave robbing to murder(Ed Gein). On November 19, 1957 Bernice Worden was reported missing. Gein was the last person to see Bernice alive. He had been in her shop the night she was reported missing. The police went to ask Gein some questions about the investigation. The police found her decapitated body in a shed hung by her ankles. She was shot at close range with a .22 caliber rifle and she found her with her internal organs removed. The police found more though(Ed

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