What's Eating Gilbert Grape Analysis

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a drama based film that was released in 1993 after a book that was written with the same title. The movie is casted in a small town of Endora, Iowa. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is very informative and delivers a very important messages regarding caring for an individual with a disability that is still relevant today. It also shows growth in the mental health field when you consider the information that was given to the family about the child who is challenged with an intellectual disability in the movie. Arnie is a young man that is challenged with a developmental disability; he lives at home with his two sisters, his brother and his mother. Arnie’s father committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement after Arnie was diagnoses with a developmental disorder and the doctors said he would not live to reach the age of ten. Arnie comes from a family with great dynamics; Arnie’s mother is severely obese and is unable to move around. According to the film she fell into depression after the death of her husband. Amy Arnie’s …show more content…

In addition to Gilberts struggles there are also some diversity issues with Arnie’s mother, because of weight gain she has been laughed at and pointed at by the people in her town, that when she passed her children does not want to humiliated again so they burn the house down. I chose to focus on the lack of knowledge and empathy the people in the town had regarding Arnie and his disability, with consideration of the time era in which the movie was filmed. The way the sheriff handled Arnie while taking him into custody and also the doctor’s thoughts on Arnie’s life span. The diversity issues were present well in the film, I watched the movie when it first came out and I can say now that I have expanded my knowledge I am able to see the issues presented in the

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