Analysis Of Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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MIntroduction- The teen gene typically includes stereotypical characters, comedy and caters to a teenage audience. Ferris Bueller’s day off fits into the category of a teen comedy because it features coming of age, friendships and weak authority figures. The film centres around Ferris Bueller the protagonist, his best friend Cameron, his girlfriend Sloane and they enjoy an adventurous day ditching school. The trio participate in a range of activities as they attempt to outwit Ed Rooney their principle and their parents. Three main character of this film, who clearly communicate aspects of the genre are Ferris Bueller, Ed Rooney and Cameron Frye. Paragraph 1: Ferris Bueller- The character Ferries Bueller is the film Ferris Bueller’s day off is introduced as the protagonist of the teen gene. Ferris is the typical fun, enargite, mysterious teenager who is loved by everyone. The first image shows Ferris laying sick in bed with his mother standing over him. Ferris is manipulating his parents into thinking he was sick to get the day off school. A slightly low angle was used to show that Ferris is making his parents think he is seeing them as superior to him. The background and Ferris’s mother were blurred to make Ferris the main forces of the shot. As we see Ferris tricking his parents it shows the audience that he has a bit of a rebel side and is good at manipulating adults. We see Ferris has a rebel side by the quote “they brought it”, which is what Ferris said once his

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