Rodney King Research Paper

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“In countries with a properly functioning legal system, the mob continues to exist, but it is rarely called upon to mete out capital punishment. The right to take human life belongs to the state. Not so in societies where weak courts and poor law enforcement are combined with intractable structural injustices. “In our present day society we as Americans have the cognitive dissonance that what the courts say are final, but also hold to the fact that the majority’s opinion rules. In recent news we have seen massive riots following the killings of African American men by caucasian police officers. These all follow after one of the most prominent not guilty verdicts of the 21st century on the Rodney King beating. With these riots we see the words of Teju Cole begin to take life. …show more content…

After finishing watching a football game King and two associates, Bryant Allen and Freddie Helms, were seen speeding on interstate 210. California Highway Patrol officers Tim and Melanie Singer were the first officers to engage in pursuit on the interstate reaching speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. This chase took them across 8 miles of Los Angeles County, and included not only California Highway patrol, but also Los Angeles Police vehicles and helicopter. The chase concluded when King and his associates were cornered near the entrance to Hansen Dam Park. Including the Singers there were also 5 Los Angeles Police officer; Laurence Powell, Timothy Ward, Theodore Briseno, Rolando Solano, and Sergeant Stacey

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