Andrew Carnegie Research Papers

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Andrew Carnegie was a rich wealthy businessman that had a steel industry provided the materials for Bridges that gave Americans the ability to travel to many different places. Carnegie steel company was a company that was created by Andrew Carnegie in the 1870s. Andrew Carnegie was not the first person to create a steel mill, What he did is find ways to make the production of steel faster and easier. His steel production speeded up the Economy by having bridges to get to one place to another place. By building bridges, People could travel faster over the water and areas where you couldn’t walk through. By building bridges across water ways people wouldn’t have to wait for so long just to get on a boat.

In the 1870s Carnegie new company built the first steel plant in the united states. Andrew Carnegie used the Bessemer steelmaking process When carnegie started coming out with steel. He impacted a lot of Americans through the country. Carnegie started managing Keystone Bridge company. He started that company in 1865. Carnegie managed Keystone Bridge company through 1872-1873. Carnegie was 38 at that time. Andrew built a bridge that could hold a lot of weight. It was one of the new improved bridges. People no longer had to get on a boat and get across. At one time many people could go across the bridge without it collapsing into the water. The big bridge speeded up transportation. They could get goods across from one place to another place in a short …show more content…

He started to get steel for the railroads. Carnegie fast methods lead a faster production on railroad steel. Carnegie did not invent the process of making railroads. In 1873, Andrew Carnegie organized a company a “Bessemer Steel railway company”. There was a depression up through 1879. By cutting his prices and getting help form the local banks. He was able to stay in business and keep producing steel for the

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