How Did Andrew Carnegie Contribute To The Industrial Revolution

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Andrew Carnegie was born in a small town of dunfermline, Scotland. He grew up in a average family. Andrew was a very hard worker because at the age of 12 he got his first job as a bobbin boy and he made $1.20 a week. After only a couple months after he moved to the country he saw himself moving up in the world. He got a job at the factory shortly after his first job and the factory paid him nearly double what he made before. By the age of 14 Carnegie was a messenger boy, he was different from all the other messenger boys because of his personality, he could spark conversation with customers and even show same interests. Shortly after getting a job as a messenger boy he was promoted to being a telegraph operator. As a telegraph operator …show more content…

Working as a personal telegrapher he came up with two ideas to help make the railroads more efficient and these two ideas were the most successful ideas. In 1859, he was promoted to Pennsylvania railroad superintendent. In 1861, Carnegie started the freedom iron company. Since the railroads were getting destroyed in war and deteriorating over time the iron business allowed him to bring in a lot of money since he was the biggest iron maker. In
1865, Andrew changed paths and sold the freedom iron company to make the keystone bridge company, this was revolutionary because this is when bridges started being built with iron instead of wood. And in 1901, He consolidated all of his companies, including keystone bridge company, and freedom irons into one big company called The United States Iron Company. The company was so large that it set a world record for the most successful enterprise the world ever saw. J.P
Morgan heard that Carnegie was going to sell the enterprise for the right amount of money so he took the chance and bought it for 400,000,00. This sale made Andrew Carnegie the worlds richest man.

After Andrews big sale of the United States Iron Company, Andrew turned

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