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Bonnie and Clyde met January, 1930, in Texas. At this time, Bonnie Parker was 19 years old, and Clyde Barrow was 21. There is multiple stories of Bonnie and Clyde 's first meeting, but the most credible tells that Bonnie Parker met Clyde Barrow at the home of Clyde 's friend Clarence Clay in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of West Dallas. Clyde dropped by the house while Bonnie was cooking hot chocolate in the kitchen. Soon after they met, he was arrested for burglary and was sent to jail. Bonnie had smuggled him a gun, and he escaped. He was recaptured and was sent back to prison again. Clyde was later paroled in February 1932. He later rejoined Bonnie, and they continued their life of crime. They were believed to have committed 13 murders and several robberies, and burglaries by the time of their death. Bonnie and Clyde first started a gang of 5 people to commit bold robberies, these robberies made headlines around the country. After the other three members Blanche, Jones, and Buck were captured from the time of March 1933 through June 1933, Bonnie and Clyde continued on without them. …show more content…

The escaping prisoners killed two guards with pistols Clyde hid. Clyde escaped using an eruption of machine gun firing. During their final months of crime these two wounded four police officers. On May 23, 1934, police officers from Louisiana and Texas, concealed themselves in bushes along the highway near Sailes, Louisiana. In the early morning, Bonnie and Clyde appeared in an automobile and when they attempted to drive away, the officers opened fire on the two. Bonnie and Clyde were killed instantly by the cops. Bonnie was 23, and Clyde was 25. Bonnie and Clyde wished to be buried side by side, but this did not

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