Wounded Knee Massacre Research Paper

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The website I chose for this assignment is http://www.legendsofamerica.com/na-ghostdance.html. I chose this website because it looked like it had a lot of information about my topic and there were pictures on the side to help me. It also was last reviewed not too long ago so that shows that the information should be reliable and trustworthy. This site is related to what were are talking because the Ghost Dance movement basically led to the Wounded Knee Massacre. The Wounded Knee Massacre was a battle between the Sioux Indians and the whites. The battle was the last major massacre between the Native Americans and the United States Army. The showdown killed over 100 Native Americans, declaring the U.S. as “victorious”. One thing that I found interesting about the origination of the Ghost Dance is that it came from a man’s (Wovoka) dream during the Solar Eclipse. He dreamt that he was taken into the spirit world and saw all Native Americans being taken to the sky and the Earth swallowing the whites. He claimed that, by dancing the round-dance continuously, the dream would become a reality. Many Indians took his message and became dedicated to this belief. Another thing that fascinated me was the Indians beliefs to …show more content…

They truly wanted justice in the United States and most of the time, they were shot down. However, with this belief that the white men could soon be gone, they would do basically anything to get that. After the all, the white men were the ones holding the Indians back. In conclusion, this article has taught me that you can believe in something that may not be realistic. The Indians thought it was reasonable, but of course looking at it now from my point of view, I know that it was not. Besides that, I can still see where the Indians were coming from in doing what they believed would help

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