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Always Something More Beautiful “Always Something More Beautiful” is a poem by Stephen Dunn, born in Forest Hills, NY. I got attracted to this poem, because it reminded me when I was at the Regionals for a Cross-Country race and reflected how humans’ life can be fair or beautiful. The cluster “time, clock, finish” clarifies for a measurement that refers to a competitive race. Another cluster that refers to race is “speed, side path, final kick”. Words that represent self-conflict, “endurance, distraction, and nowhere”, explains a concept about reaching a goal and how human life is like a race. As “love and excellence”, represents an uplifting way to make an accomplishment. One clusters of verbs focus on hope (veer, believe, pursue). Another cluster of verbs suggests that the word …show more content…

The effect of enjambment demonstrates to the continuation of a sentence without any pause and then moves to the next stanza to complete the thought. Another poet’s auditory choice that Dunn’s poem uses, is long-running sentences, which it affects the sound of text and allowing the reader to read the poem with some fast pace. For example, the long running sentence in line 1 through line 5 demonstrates a pace on the text, allowing the reader to feel anxiety, or being in the competitive race: “This time I came to the starting place with my best running shoes and pure speed held back for the finish, came with only love of the clock and the underfooting and the other runners.”, Dunn’s poem uses this choice to lead the readers to investigate an idea more thoroughly with vivid description, and develop

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