Analysis Of Poetry Is Not A Luxury By Audre Lorde

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“Poetry Is Not a Luxury” (1982) intertwines feminism and poetry together. Author Audre Lorde says that for women, “poetry is not a luxury, but a necessity of our existence” (Lorde, 1982, pg. 281). In today’s society, women’s opinions aren’t really expressed, because it’s not widely accepted in this man-built world. Lorde’s quote “poetry is not a luxury, but a necessity of our existence” means that women should use their voices and channel their energy into poetry. Since poetry is accepted, women aren’t being deviant. Many women still don 't understand the hidden power that they have. “As we learn more and more to cherish our feelings, and to respect those hidden sources of power, true knowledge and lasting action follow” (Lorde, 1982, pg. 281). Beyoncé is a great example of how she was able to use her voice and really promote feminism.…show more content…
This is a real life example of what it looks like when feminism and Poetry intertwine. Nikki Giovani an American writer and activist from Knoxville, TN has a quote a about poetry that really relates to the way Beyonce creates her music. “Writers don’t write from experience, although many are hesitant to admit that they don’t. If you wrote from experience, you’d get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy.” – Nikki Giovanni. Beyoncé’s (Destiny’s Child) song Survivor “show a belief in women’s ability to solve their own problems, assuring us that whatever rough situation we’re in, well get through it” (Weiner, 2013, pg. 297). Beyonce is able to empathize and relate to other women. This is what makes her music so incredibly inspiring to some
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