The Lego Movie Analysis

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I read the review of a kid’s film, “The Lego Movie” by Christy Lemire. The author seemed to be very surprised by the way she reacted to the film. She felt that it went beyond the traditional genre for children and provided a response in her review. What she felt astounding her, so much that she stated how the old cliché saying “I laughed, I cried” was very much true for her. The common expectations about the genre of the film that she points out in her review is catchy theme songs, predictable scenes, hacky punchlines, and an exhausting simple message. While reading most reviews about kid’s films, most authors state similar opinions that kid’s films are usually produced mostly for the younger generations to enjoy. In this case, she challenges her readers to watch this film because it’s …show more content…

The Lego universe mirrors our world, but for them every day is the same. Most children’s films involve humor and energy with pop-culture references, which this movie contains. The difference with this movie is that the producers who made this film provided creative ideas that made each scene so unpredictable. Lemire pointed out, “It will keep surprising you and make you want to keep watching”. The Lego Movie goes beyond normal hacky punchlines with irresistible humor and effortless energy which draws the watchers in even more to the characters in the film. It has affectionate, easy, and light jokes that were not too far-fetched or strained. The voices of the characters went over most expectations. Starting with Morgan Freeman, who plays a prophecy and pokes fun into his own real life character roles that was usually God like figures. He ends up sending the main character, an ordinary guy into an unbelievable hero’s journey. Emmet played by Chris Pratt, who is an ordinary worker drone, suddenly stumbles onto finding a piece of red plastic which ends up turning his life

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