The Most Dangerous Game Book Vs Movie Analysis

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I always love to read books and watch their movies, because I get to witness the differences that take place. I prefer the books because they have more detail and really let you decide how the characters look and act. Lots of times, the stories are different than the film versions. The short story, “Most Dangerous Game”, is a very good example of this. The film and the movie have lots of things in common, but this paper is about the complete opposite. The exposition has the first significant difference hidden inside and is just waiting for us to reveal it. By comparing and contrasting the elements of plot in the text and film iterations of “The Most Dangerous Game,” the reader will discover which is the most effective representation. In the exposition of Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, we meet Sanger Rainsford and his hunting partner Whitney. They’re on a yacht in the Caribbean on their way to South America. When they reach their destination of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they will hunt jaguars in the Amazon rain forest. Although the film adaptation has some similar aspects, there are also minor changes. Some of these differences are …show more content…

In the text version of “The Most Dangerous Game,” the climax is when Rainsford is chased by Zaroff to the edge of the rocky cliff. He then makes a daring jump, hoping he makes it to the sea and not the sharp rocks below. I am seeing a fifty-fifty chance there, am I right? The film shows that the climax is when Rainsford and Eve are chased behind a cliff by Zaroff. Dogs are steadily jumping on him one by one. The first dog gets thrown off the ledge into the water. The second dog is shot and goes off the cliff with Rainsford, and that is how Rainsford escapes because he takes the risk of drowning in the water so that if he lives, he can get back at Zaroff. Then, since Rainsford lives in both the text and the film, he goes to get his

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