How Julie Changed My Life Essay

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As assigned by Professor Fuller I attend an Alcoholics anonymous meeting Saturday evening at the Hibbs building. I was terrified because I attend alone, but I knew if I read the script she prepared for us I would be fine. Arriving at the meeting I was surprised to see so many young faces, and immediately inspired by these Millennials ability to identify their issues and make active changes toward a productive lifestyle. I could tell a few of the attendees were returning members, but to my relief this group truly attained new members that would take the pressure off of me. As the meeting progressed, in the same fashion shown on television shows, members introduced themselves and began to share. Sharing was open to all topics: job related, personal, anything; but only one individual spoke on how she became an addict her name was Julie. She looked as if she was in her early …show more content…

Her judgement was definitely impaired when conceiving of her children, and during her marriages. She could have made a better decision for her future. Julie stated, she never loved one of her husband just the ability to control and manipulate him to get what she wanted. Julie’s story truly impacted me, because I saw how my life could have been. People say that one immoral choice during an unpleasant situation will impact the rest of your life, and Julie was living proof. My father is in the military, I also had to move around a lot, but because I was blessed to have a strong family foundation a lot of bad choices could not take place. Julie was searching things missing from the household. She felt rejected and neglected from her family, which transpired to her social life, and later her adult life. Her addiction went from feeling in control to losing complete control of life. I am appreciative of this experience and would recommend this exercise to a

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