Grief Support Group Reflection Paper

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this week at intern was very eventful and I learned a lot. The first thing I did was help the Chaplain with bereavement. I helped him make invitations for grief support group and I also sent out the invites to the people whose family recently passed away. After sending the invite the chaplain gave me the list of all the people who we invited to grief support group and asked me to personally invite them on the phone. They are hoping to have better results for the grief support group. They are supposed to have 4 groups a year but the last one no one showed up. So this year they are only having 3 groups. After helping the Chaplin I went to home visits with my field instructor. We first met with one of veterans who is on hospice. It was the first time I had met this patient. He was saying how he is ready to dye and how all he does is sit here, and eat. He was saying how he had no purpose in life and he prays every night for God to take him and …show more content…

I had met the family previous and when I meet them they were asking the social worker for everything. They wanted a drum circle for their mother when she passed away and wanted Homestead to pay for it. They were also joking around saying Maria said she was going to give me 1000 dollars or Maria said she was giving us her car. I never said those things but I just laughed and smiled with him. Well the patient has passed away and I attended the funeral. It was very different ceremony than I have attended before. Since Homestead did not get them the drum circle they were playing Native Indian drum circle music. Then we went to the burial and they all picked up a rock and dropped on top of the casket. Then son turns around looks at me and said come throw a rock. So I did and then they asked the chaplain to do the same. After the service I asked the chaplain what was that was for and he said he had no idea and has never done it before. It was really interesting and a learning experience for

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